MOG 231 and Code of Ethics

CNG Fiber Trade Europe S.r.l. acknowledges and formally informs that it has adopted and implemented an Organisation, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01, with the relevant Code of Ethics and Disciplinary System, which are published on the company website (, also acknowledging that a Supervisory Board has been appointed, entrusted with the duty of verifying the adequacy of and compliance with this model, to which reports can be made regarding any misconduct of which CNG Europe s.r.l. becomes aware, and in any case, CNG Fiber Trade Europe S.r.l. undertakes to report cases of violations of the principles contained in all the aforementioned documents, to the email address:

Business relations with CNG Fiber Trade Europe S.r.l. therefore determine:

– compliance with the principles of the aforementioned organisation, management and control model as well as with its annexes with consequent commitment to comply with its contents, principles and procedures;

– the obligation to abstain from any conduct liable to give rise to the offences set out in Legislative Decree 231/01, as amended and supplemented, and set out in the aforementioned organisation, management and control Model;

– the commitment to comply and to ensure that any collaborators comply with all the principles contained in the aforementioned documentation and the Protocols of Conduct provided for by our organisation pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001;

– the knowledge that violation of the rules laid down in the above-mentioned documents shall represent a serious breach of contract giving rise to termination pursuant to and by the effects of article 1465 of the Italian Civil Code (express termination clause), with consequent payment of damages and indemnification of our organisation for any penalties or damages arising therefrom;

– the willingness to authorise the performance of inspections by the Supervisory Body pursuant to article 6 of Legislative Decree 231/01 of our organisation, also by means of appointed third-party specialists.