Our Team

The strength of the team is the basis of our growth.

One of the key factors of the company growth is its professional and experienced staff: a team of people skilled in marketing, logistics, legislations and financing.

The ability to identify new market trends and opportunities and the flexibility to adapt to every new challenge is the key factor to be a successful Company.

Our sound reputation and our expertise have made CNG Fiber Trade Europe become a reliable partner in the paper industry scenario and thereby we have been able to consolidate and expand our relationships with our customers and suppliers.

CNG Fiber Trade Europe highlights

  • Technical experience
  • Strategic and consolidated relations with both customers and suppliers
  • Financial risk control
  • Deep knowledge of market dynamics
  • Logistics solutions and on-going support until final delivery
  • Assistance and control all along the steps of each negotiation
  • Financial solutions tailored to support every business
Managing Director

Vania Bertoncini, Managing Director of the Company since March 31st, 2022, started her career in Italpaper 20 years ago. Her professional growth has gone hand in hand with Company’s one, starting in the accounting department, where she assumed the role of Accounting Manager. Subsequently, she took up the role of CFO and, more recently the role of Administrative and Financial Director.

Management team

Skilled in diverse fields, our team  has led the Company to successfully sell and purchase a variety of paper products – regardless of the cyclical difficulties of the market – by quickly understanding and professionally responding to market opportunities.

Vania Bertoncini (Managing Director) | vbertoncini@cng-inc.com

Serena Pieraccioli (Commercial Director–Global Pulp Group, European Region) | spieraccioli@cng-inc.com

Silvia Frediani (Sales Director Italy – Pulp Group) | sfrediani@cng-inc.com

Sabrina Dini (Sales Director Italy – Paper & Packaging Group) | sdini@cng-inc.com

Silvia Torrini (Trade Services Manager) | storrini@cng-inc.com

Sandra Maestrini (Accounting Manager) | smaestrini@cng-inc.com

Manuel Giambastiani (Treasury Manager) | mgiambastiani@cng-inc.com

Gabriele Biondi (AR & Credit Manager) | gbiondi@cng-inc.com

Sales Team

Silvia Frediani (Sales Director Italy – Pulp Group) | sfrediani@cng-inc.com

Andrea Cilotti (Sales Manager - Pulp Group) | acilotti@cng-inc.com

Sabrina Dini (Sales Director Italy – Paper & Packaging Group) | sdini@cng-inc.com

Michela Di Persio (Sales Manager – Packaging Group) | mdipersio@cng-inc.com

Trade Service

The Logistics Department is of the utmost importance at CNG Fiber Trade Europe.

Its task is to find the best possible transport solutions for any kind of goods. The cost and the quality of a transportation may play a very important role when importing or exporting goods. The right contacts are essential and our skilled staff with a unique team spirit is the key to successful business.

Moreover, our Logistics Department is highly qualified and experienced in handling all kinds of documents from mill to final destination: speedy customs clearance operations, direct control of warehousing and onward transport and an extensive distribution network on both domestic and international markets enable our Company to provide our partners with a global coverage. No matter where goods are leaving from: we can ensure you a smooth, efficient and quick transaction.

Silvia Torrini (Trade Services Manager) | storrini@cng-inc.com

Beatrice Baroni (Senior Trade Service Rep.)

Cristina Stefani (Senior Trade Service Rep.)

Sonia Lunardi (Senior Trade Service Rep.)

Martina Benedetti (Trade Service Rep.)

Raffaela Zerbani (Trade Service Rep.)

Monica Cosentino (Trade Service Rep.)

Eleonora Bisio (Trade Service Rep.)

Sanae Zakri (Trade Service Rep.)

Thomas Tocchini (Trade Service Rep. – Packaging Group)


Our financial department plays a fundamental role in our business: its first goal is to support the company by finding innovative financial solutions and to minimize the financial risks for our partners.

We can rely on excellent relations with the main Italian banks, on an accurate financial risk coverage and on a careful payments administration. All this enables CNG Fiber Trade Europe to offer a full service to both customers and suppliers who can always find with us a credit solution that matches their financial needs. Many transactions need a tailor made financial solution to be possible and we are able to provide it to our partners: customers can find with us the perfect credit solution according to their needs, while suppliers are relieved of the financial risk and thus can extend their distribution network on our market.

Sandra Maestrini (Accounting Manager) | smaestrini@cng-inc.com

Erika Saggini (Accounting Specialist)

Nadia Pini (Accountant)

Silvia Menicucci (Accountant)

Stefania Rachele Cardiello (Accounting Assistant)

Manuel Giambastiani (Treasury Manager) | mgiambastiani@cng-inc.com

Gabriele Biondi (AR & Credit Manager) | gbiondi@cng-inc.com

Elisa Pratali (Treasury Assistant)

Giuliana Genovese (Office Assistant)